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Dancing Til Dusk; Eighteen glorious nights of dancing outdoors in downtown Seattle parks.


Event times vary;
1st hour is a beginning
dance lesson.

Rain Hotline: 206-264-5646

Tuesdays in Westlake Park

Jul 19—Kevin Buster's Lunch Money | Blues/Swing
Jul 26—Ambiance | Golden Era Swing
Aug 2—Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators | Swing
Aug 9—DJ Sean Donovan | Zydeco
Aug 16—Solomon Douglas Swingtet | Swing/Blues
Aug 23—DJ Robb Bryan | West Coast/East Coast Swing

Thursdays in Freeway Park

Jul 21—Swingin' In the Rain with Dina Blade | Vintage Swing (40's-era theme; break out that zoot suit!)
Jul 28—Tangabrazo | Tango
Aug 4—Portage Bay Big Band
Big Band Swing
Aug 11—Diane Kirkwood
and Silver Lining
| Swing/Blues
Aug 18—Rouge | Waltz
(It's a Ball Rouge,
wear something red!)

Thursdays at
SAM Olympic Sculpture Park

Aug 25—Solomon Douglas Swingtet Swing/Blues
Sep 8—Tumbao | Salsa and Latin
Sep 15—KGB | Waltz, Swing, Foxtrot, Polka
(It's a Ball Blanc, wear something white!)

Salsa Saturdays
in Occidental Park

Hosted by Vassili of Salsa Con Todo
Jul 30—DJ Vassili
Aug 6—DJ Nick
Aug 13—Christian Pepin Y Su Conjunto Swing
Aug 20—Tumbao

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Lilli Ann dancing with a new dancer

Lilli Ann dancing with a new dancer

General information for Dancing til Dusk

18 evenings of FREE dance lessons and glorious outdoor dancing
in Seattle's downtown parks.

All dances and lessons are FREE thanks to the support of our sponsors — please support and acknowledge their contribution!

  • Please check the location of each dance as they are in one of four parks downtown. See the bottom of this page for park addresses and maps.
  • In case of inclement weather call the Rain Hotline at 206-264-5646 to determine if the event will be cancelled.
  • Every night, the first hour will be a beginning lesson in the dance style for the evening. There is a dance floor; if possible wear clean shoes that slide and do not black-mark the floor. No experience or partner is required for the lesson or dance. Each lesson will start at the beginning with the basics and will build in complexity, so be on time to get the most out of it. We have hired some of the best instructors in the city — this is your opportunity to learn from them!
  • Parking — Available on the street or in lots close by. Meters are free after 6pm. Keep in mind that earlier arrival will translate to easier (and more relaxed) parking.
  • Valuables — Please also keep in mind that these dances are in public city parks. Leaving valuables where they can be picked up by passersby is risky. Plan to keep a car key and any money with you and leave your valuables at home.
  • Water and Beverages — There may be water on site for purchase, but you may also wish to bring a bottle of water with you. Please take your bottles and trash with you when you leave.

Thanks, and see you in the parks!


Ball Blanc waltz demo in SAM Sculpture Park, September 2, 2010.
Music by the Corrs. Video by mesmerel.



Tuesday, July 19 — Kevin Buster | Swing/Rhythm and Blues in Westlake Park

Our season starts out with Kevin Buster's Lunch Money, one of the hottest Blues/Jazz bands around. Kevin's band brings out the best in the creative dancer's heart with a jazziness that inspires. This band is as fun to listen to as to dance to with tunes that stretch from earthy Blues to Rhythm & Blues to Big Band Swing.
Blues lesson by Kevin Buster

Thursday, July 21 — Swingin' in the Rain with Dina Blade | Swing in Freeway Park

This evening is a 1940's /WWII Themed party! Dress the period or come as you choose!

Dina Blade is a refreshingly natural singer with a great sense of time and swing who specializes in singing American popular songs from the 1930s and 40s, preserving the work of master composers and lyricists from that era. An effervescent performer, she has written and toured several different thematic shows celebrating the Great American songbook.

Dina has released five recordings, earning international acclaim for her cd project "I'm In The Mood For Love‚" featuring the lyrics of Dorothy Fields. "This is a rather addictive recording..." noted London's Jon Aldous, host of the Dorothy Fields Website. KPLU's "Jazz Northwest‚" DJ Jim Wilke praised her voice as "warm and inviting, fresh and original," and included her recent CD, "My Romance‚" on his "Best of the Northwest" list.
Swing lesson with Winfield Hobbs.

Tuesday, July 26 — Ambiance | Golden Era Swing in Westlake Park

Ambience is a Seattle based Jazz group dedicated to the sophistication and beauty of the Golden Era of Jazz. Ambience Jazz Quartet/Quintet features vocals, guitar, winds, and bass. Ambience is the house ensemble for the Palisade restaurant for over 2 years and has logged in more than 240 performance since 2008.

Inspired by the great jazz combos from the 30's 40's & 50's Ambience Jazz Quartet can set the mood by offering a variety of sounds from jazz swing tunes to Latin Classics to romantic ballads.

Ambience's defining element is Leah Natale's singing. "Her voice is pure, clear and she holds each of the melody's words for their full note value that creates a long, full, line that she finishes off with a touch of vibrato." Natale's delivery is playful, hip, sexy, at times coy, and she seems to sing directly to the individual listener rather than to an audience. — Earshot Jazz, July 2009.
Swing lesson with Chris Chapman

Thursday, July 28 — Tangabrazo | Tango in Freeway Park

The Seattle-based Tangabrazo is dedicated to playing music that engages both dancers and listeners. With a repertoire ranging from the classic Tango groups to more modern and original compositions, they bring decades of combined professional experience to create a rich ensemble sound.
Tango lesson with Ilana Rubin and Tony Fan

Salsaing to Cambalache in Occidental Park

Salsa-ing to Cambalache in Occidental Park

Saturday, July 30 — DJ Vassili | Salsa Saturdays in Occidental Park

Salsa Saturdays are hosted by Vassili of Salsa Con Todo. Vassili grew up in Greece, where he learned music. He moved to LA at the age of 18, where he acted; on moving to Seattle in 1999 he founded the world music ensemble "Children of the Revolution." The band's blend of Spanish guitar, Latin rhythms, and multilingual songs soon gained popularity and they have performed all over the world.

Vassili took his first Salsa lesson in 2000 and has not stopped dancing since. He won the "Reno Dance Sensation" Salsa competition two years in a row, and has performed and taught at numerous dance events around the US. Vassili's passion lies not only in the art of Salsa but in challenging himself to provide the most dynamic instruction to his students. He has traveled to Colombia and Cuba to study Salsa and Afro-Cuban Rumba from the pros and looks forward to delving deeper into Salsa's roots.

Currently the Artistic Director of Seattle's enormously popular dance school Salsa Con Todo, Vassili continues to perform, teach, and enjoy life. Dance: Music:
Salsa lesson with Vassili of Salsa Con Todo.


Tuesday, August 2 — Glenn Crytzer and His Syncopators | Swing in Westlake Park

The Syncopators are a jazz band dedicated to the popular music of the 1920s, '30s and early '40s. Founded in 2007 by Glenn Crytzer, the group has become the premiere swing-era band in the US, having won over the hearts and feet of dancers across the nation. Their musical influences include jazz greats such as Benny Goodman, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, John Kirby, and Jelly Roll Morton. In addition to performing classic songs, theSyncopators, perform new songs composed in the vintage style by bandleader Glenn Crytzer.

The Syncopators are the house band for swing nights at Seattle's historic Century Ballroom and have been featured at popular dance events including Lindy Focus, the Seattle Lindy Exchange, the Emerald City Blues Festival, Camp Balboa, Savoy Swing Jam, Century Masters of Lindy Hop and Tap, Harlem Nights, Hot Mess, The Washington DC Lindy Exchange, Midwest Lindy Fest, and the Killer Diller Ball. Their debut album, Harlem Mad, with 20 original songs, will be released in May 2011.
Swing lesson with Glenn Crytzer

The Portage Bay Big Band swings the crowd at Freeway Park

The Portage Bay Big Band swings the crowd last year

Thursday, August 4 — Portage Bay Big Band | Big Band Swing in Freeway Park

Portage Bay Big Band is one of the most consistent and popular Big Band Swing bands in the Northwest, back for their fourth year. They deliver a sound fully encompassing the hot vitality of the Swing years and really know how to show the Swing crowd a great time.
Swing lesson with Ari Levitt

Saturday, August 6 — DJ Nick | Salsa Saturdays in Occidental Park

DJ Nick, aka Nick Sabroso of Seattle Latin Dance, has been working as a promoter and DJ for the last 10 years. He is currently promoting venues throughout Seattle on a weekly basis and hosts a monthly dance showcase at the famous Teatro Zinzanni, bringing in live bands and Latin dance enthusiasts alike. Nick is a regular DJ at Seattle's longest running Salsa dance hall, the Century Ballroom, and he has been a resident DJ every Sunday night at See Sound Lounge for over 6 years. DJ Nick will please your ears and your soul and will get you up and dancing in no time. Recognized for his music, his passion and his contributions to Salsa, he is one of the most popular DJs in the city. That same evening his wife, Becka, one of Seattle's most popular salsa dancer/teachers, will teach.
Salsa lesson with Becka Hueth.

Salsa Saturdays are hosted by Vassili of Salsa Con Todo.

Tuesday, August 9 — DJ Sean "Gatorboy" Donovan | Zydeco in Westlake Park

Sean Patrick Donovan passionately loves music, dancing and teaching dance. Positively energetic and playful, Sean (who became a dance instructor in 1999) creatively communicates the essence of dance and its power to delight and transform us. Sean keeps the emphasis on fun and helps students develop solid fundamentals, fluidity and connection — to ourselves, the music, and to our partner — which makes for sheer joy in movement. A dance DJ since 2001, Sean brings the most spirited and exciting rhythms and grooves to inspire and move your body and soul.

Since 1999, Sean has danced and taught around Seattle and the U.S., and has been on faculty with Northwest Dance Network since 2004. In addition to Swing (his first love) and Zydeco (a passion which prompted numerous learning expeditions to Louisiana and Texas), he happily and adeptly teaches a variety of other styles, including Waltz, Blues, Whiskey River Jitterbug, Country Two-step, and Cha Cha Cha. Sean has produced numerous music and dance events in collaboration with others and through his company, Gator Boy Productions, and offers outstanding dance instruction (group and private lessons), DJ, party starter and emcee services. Sean also hosts a weekly radio music show, "The Outskirts," each Friday from noon-3pm on KBCS 91.3 FM (online at
Lesson in Zydeco with Sean Donovan

Thursday, August 11 — Diane Kirkwood and Silver Lining | Swing and Blues in Freeway Park

With a vocal clarity like Ella Fitzgerald's and a natural, distinctive phrasing like Carmen McCrae, Diane effortlessly draws you into each song and leaves you wanting more. Good energy and a great jazz offering. Prior to the unfortunate closer of the Little Red Bistro, Diane inspired some of the most fun Swing and blues play around!
Lesson in Blues with Daniel Newsome and Gaby Cook

Saturday, August 13 — Christian Pepin Y Su Conjunto Swing | Salsa Saturdays in Occidental Park

The Seattle-based Christian Pepin Y Su Conjunto Swing is an afro-son band with gret conga!
Lesson in Salsa by Marcello Garces

Salsa Saturdays are hosted by Vassili of Salsa Con Todo.

Tuesday, August 16 — Solomon Douglas Swingtet | Swing in Westlake Park

Solomon Douglas is a jazz pianist and bandleader, whose various bands have played at more than fifty swing dance events in North America, Asia, and Australia in the past ten years. His experience as a swing dancer and dance instructor gives him an understanding unique among musicians of the music that swing dancers like to dance to!

The Solomon Douglas Swingtet is an eight-piece dance band whose repertoire is rooted in that of the Basie and Ellington bands, with other big-band standards and classic jazz tunes thrown in as well: up-tempo classic swing, slower groovier jazz, and anything in between.
Swing lesson with Solomon Douglas and Calico Goodrich

Thursday, August 18 — Rouge | Waltz and More in Freeway Park

**This is a Ball Rouge, wear something Red!** Rouge is made of a team of internationally touring musicians based in the Northwest. Founded in 1998 by vocalist Janet Rayor, the group has grown to include accordion, violin, guitar, and acoustic bass. All composers with world, classical and jazz chops, they consistently bring their own take on this classic popular French music, so that each performance is fresh and new. Bassist Cary Black has recorded and performed with a long list of famous groups including Ernestine Anderson, Kingston Trio, and Dan Hicks; accordionist Steve Rice tours internationally with the Harry James Orchestra and Kulshan Chorus; and violinist Ruthie Dornfeld records with players in France, Denmark, Hungary, and Finland. Together as Rouge, they create an unforgettable experience of cobblestone France that has touched people of all ages from the Northwest to LA and the Midwest.
Waltz lesson with Lilli Ann Carey

Saturday, August 20 — Tumbao | Salsa Saturdays in Occidental Park

"Full of life from beginning to end, singer Carlos Cascante sings Salsa filled with elements of Timba, Jazz, and traditional Salsa and includes the masterful solos of Grammy nominees Paoli Mejias, Ray Vega, Thomas Marriot, and Julio Jauregui." (CD Baby review)
Salsa lesson with Vassili of Salsa Con Todo.

Salsa Saturdays are hosted by Vassili of Salsa Con Todo.

Tuesday, August 23 — DJ Robb Bryan | West Coast/East Coast Swing in Westlake Park

Description to come.
Lesson in West Coast Swing with Robb Bryan

Thursday, August 25 — Solomon Douglas Swingtet | Swing & Blues at Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park

See August 16 for full bio.
Lesson in Swing with Guy Caridi and Nancy Fry

Waltzing to KGB at a Ball Blanc at the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park

Waltzing to KGB at a Ball Blanc at SAM's Olympic Sculpture Park


Saturday, September 8 — Tumbao | Salsa at Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park

"Full of life from beginning to end, singer Carlos Cascante sings Salsa filled with elements of Timba, Jazz, and traditional Salsa and includes the masterful solos of Grammy nominees Paoli Mejias, Ray Vega, Thomas Marriot, and Julio Jauregui." (CD Baby review)
Salsa lesson with Hallie Kuperman

Thursday, September 15 — KGB | Waltzing and More in Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park

**This is a Ball Blanc, wear something white!** No security clearances are required to enjoy Seattle's KGB. With fiddle, mandolin, guitar and piano, KGB creates subversive music lulling the unwary with traditional New England Contra dance tunes, then jumping off into Balkan modalities, Tango riffs and bluesy jigs. KGB's extraordinary waltzes captivate dancers song after song, each melody more delightful or exquisite than the last. Wear something white to our Ball Blanc — T-shirts to tuxes, shorts to ball gowns and delight in the magic of swirling dancers as the sun sinks into the evening.
Waltz lesson with Lilli Ann Carey


Thursday night music and dancing
in Freeway Park
July 21, 28; August 4,11,18

Google map to Freeway Park

Enter the Park at 6th and Seneca
600 Seneca Street
Seattle 98101

Thursday night music and dancing
in Olympic Sculpture Park
August 25; September 8, 15

Google map of Olympic Sculpture Park

2901 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

Saturday night music and dancing
in Occidental Park in Pioneer Square
July 30; August 6, 13, 20

Google map to Occidental Park

250 Occidental Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98104

Tuesday night music and dancing
in Westlake Park
July 19, 26; August 2, 9, 16, 23

Google map to Westlake Center

401 Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98104

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