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You are most cordially invited to attend "An Evening in Vienna" Waltz Ball 2009 at the University of Washington Ballroom, Sunday, October 25, 2009 from 5:30 to 9:30 pm.

Welcome to “An Evening In Vienna” 2013!

November 10th, 5:00–9:00pm
With music by Orchestra Espressiva
an exceptional ensemble created by Dave Bartley

On 5pm, Sunday, November 10th, the doors to the expansive and elegant University of Washington Hub Ballroom will open and mark the seventh An Evening in Vienna Ball and we invite you to attend! Please take a moment to read through this page. It contains helpful information and a few items important for all ball-goers. If you still have questions, please email or call (206) 264‑5646. We are looking forward to the pleasure of your company!
~ Lilli Ann Carey

Photo of well-dressed dancers watching as the Waltzers swirl around the dance floor

Elegant Waltzers seeing and being seen


Sorry, we're all sold out for this year! If you already registered, there are no paper tickets. If you provided your email address, we confirmed your reservations. Reservations will be limited to 300; tickets are not available at the door.

Orchestra Espressiva plays a wide variety of dance music, including Waltzes, Swing and Foxtrot, Polka, Tango and Cha Cha

Orchestra Espressiva plays a wide variety of dance music, including Waltzes, Swing and Foxtrot, Polka, Tango and Cha Cha


STUDENT (Middle, High School or College) — $40 (please bring your valid student ID)

$150 for a table for eight

A limited number of Reserved Tables will be available. The cost of the Reserved Table is in addition to the cost of the personal reservations. This is an excellent way to insure that there is a place for you and your group to meet. All tables not reserved will be open seating and shared by all participants.

Reservations are available
only from Dance for Joy!

Go to DFJ Registration Page
Or by mail — Make your check payable to Dance for Joy!, PO Box 16060, Seattle WA 98116. Please include the names of your party, and whether they are leads or follows, along with your email address so that we may confirm your reservation. If you do not have an email address, please provide your phone number if you wish to receive confirmation of receipt of payment.

General Information


Both couples and singles enjoy participating in the Ball and as is the case at similar events across the country, many dancers enjoy the pleasure of dancing with a variety of partners over the course of the evening.


If you would like to join us for An Evening In Vienna festivities, but feel your dance skills need a bit of polishing:

Rmanti couple finely attired

What does Black Tie,
White Tie Optional mean?

Gentlemen’s Formal Attire —
Black Tie, White Tie Optional

“Black tie” refers to the gentleman’s clothing, more specifically a tuxedo with white shirt and black bow tie. “White Tie Optional” refers to the more dressy form with a white bow tie. Both are distinctly elegant. Vests or cummerbunds are often worn as well. Gloves are a nice touch, but optional. Men may rent tuxes for a modest fee and many tux shops carry a variety of price options for purchasing tuxes.

Ladies Formal Attire

Ladies typically opt for ball gowns — that is, floor length dresses. Many women around the United States enjoy wearing full-skirted ball gowns as they sway and float beautifully with the movement of the waltz. I hear men often remark on how they enjoy these gowns, that they look good on everyone and make such a beautiful display in the ballroom. All colors are seen whirling on the dance floor. Gloves are a nice touch, but optional. Those that enjoy a flair to the more dramatic may choose vintage attire from the Regency period to the 1920’s Ragtime Era.

Here are websites that might give you ideas —

For moderately priced gowns, eBay and Goodwill are good resources. I have been successful with both in finding cost-conscious choices. I have also been very successful at a consignment store in Kirkland called Champagne Taste, 147 Park Lane (425) 828-4502.

Dancing at the Ball

There will be lots of Waltz of all tempos, Swing and Foxtrot, Polka, Tango and Cha Cha. When you arrive, there will be DJ'd music for mingling and dancing. The Grand March will commence the first Orchestra Set at approximately 5:45pm.

Dancers following the Grand March

Ball-goers executing the Grand March


What is a Grand March?
The Grand March is indeed a March that includes walking to music in groups of twos, fours, eights or more. The Grand March created the grand opening for balls during most of the 19th century. There are leaders of the March that orchestrate the dance. It is and has been the historic and lively vehicle by which everyone passes, meets, briefly greets and has an opportunity to “see and be seen.” And, as we say in dance class, “there's no prerequisite required.”

How to dance the Fledermaus Quadrille

What is a Fledermaus Quadrille?
It is a “set” dance involving forward and back movements, and the momentary exchange of partners. It is a playful walking dance and easy to learn and will be taught at the first Orchestra break. It is typically and historically danced at midnight or 2 am at grand balls in Vienna. (This may mean that we will all be dancing The Fledermaus together with those in Vienna!)

Other Events at the Ball
There will be performances between the second and third orchestra sets. This year there will be performances by both the Swing Kids and other pieces performed by Seattle dancers.

Scrumptious cakes being brought out

Scrumptious desserts

Eating and Drinking

As you arrive, a cheese and fruit buffet will be set out, followed by a light meal. Later in the evening, a Grand Dessert Buffet will be presented with elaborate torts by Dilettante Chocolate and vegan torts by Whole Foods. Non-alcoholic beverages and water will be available throughout the evening


Parking Sunday on the University of Washington Campus is free. The Padelford Garage is the closest parking not designated handicapped. You can find the location of the HUB Ballroom and Padelford Garage on this map of the UW campus. Other lots are also free but do respect the handicapped signs.

Coat Check

A coat check operated by the University of Washington Swing Kids will be available for your personal items. The Swing Kids promote dance on the University Campus and are a non-profit organization. A donation box will be available for your support of their efforts — we suggest $2/coat.

We look forward to the pleasure of your company
at our “An Evening In Vienna” Waltz Ball 2013.

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or make your reservations by mail as noted above.

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